SpaceMonkey Vape

Avatar VapeNut Air Purifier


A must have for avid vapers! Avatar created an intelligent vapor filtration/elimination purifier! Equipped with an air turbocharger system it detects vapor and draws it into the vapor specific filter which removes particles and results in clean, filtered air! Maintenance and filter replacing is also a breeze as no tools are needed. Minimize the fog and keep the air clean with this intuitive vape accessory!

This Product Features:

  • Vapor Detection & Elimination
  • Air Turbocharger System
  • Adjustable Fan Speed
  • Silent Fan
  • Replaceable Filters

You Will Receive:

  • 1x - Avatar VapeNut Air Purifier
  • 2x - Avatar VapeNut Replacement Filter
  • 1x - Wall Adapter
  • 1x - Car Adapter

Recommended Because
Avatar’s VapeNut is a must have vape accessory for avid vapers as it draws in vape and releases clean, purified air!