Demon Killer

Demon Killer Twisted Fused Clapton Wire - 15ft

If you are looking to get something different out of your rebuildable, Demon Killer’s Fused Clapton wire is for you. This wire is perfect if you want more flavor, more clouds, and more heat! The ramp up on fused claptons is much less than normal claptons due to the Twisted core. This decrease in resistance makes it much easier for your device to achieve higher wattage. Demon Killer also includes a roll of cotton to ensure you will be blowing BEASTLY clouds in no time!

You Will Receive:

  • 1x - 15ft Spool of Demon Killer Twisted Fused Clapton(2x 28ga & 32ga)
  • 1x - Roll of Cotton

Recommended Because
The Demon Killer Fused Clapton wick and wire pack offers you a new experience on claptons. Change the way you feel the heat, taste the flavor, and blow your BEASTLY clouds.