Horizon Tech

Horizon Tech Arctic V8 coil - 5 pack


The Arctic V8 coils are here to turn your Arctic V8 into a cloud making machine. These coils are perfect for obtaining competition sized clouds without the hassle of rebuilding! This coil houses 8 individual coils that will produce an insane amount of vapor! Grab your Arctic V8 tank and favorite high wattage device, dial in your settings and watch in awe as you get lost in the clouds!

Compatible with:

  • Arctic V8
  • Recommended Wattage
  • 60-130 (0.20 Ohm)

You Will Receive:

  • 1x - 5 Pack of Arctic V8 coils

Recommended Because
You can now use your Arctic V8 Tank on your favorite high wattage device. Don't be afraid to really turn up your settings, these coils can handle a crazy amount of voltage! Arctic V8 coils will give you the BEASTLY clouds you’ve been searching high and low for!