iJoy IMC 1 Deck Accessory

The iJoy IMC 1 Deck Accessory allows you to take advantage the popular Goon style clamps with your iJoy Combo RDTA. Rather than using screws to trap leads and create a connection it uses clamps to secure your leads in place. Using clamps instead of screws allows you to easily install larger coil configurations and it also creates a stronger contact due to the increased contact area.

Compatible with:

  • iJoy Combo RDTA
  • iJoy RDTA Box Mod

This Product Features:

  • Two Post Design
  • Goon Style Clamp System
  • 4 Post Screws

You Will Receive:

  • 1x - IMC 1 Deck Accessory

Recommended Because
The iJoy IMC Interchangeable Deck System un-restricts the way you build, no longer will you be restricted by your deck as you’ll have several options to choose from!