Joyetech MG QCS Replacement Coil - 5 pack


Tired of swapping coils every time you want to change flavors? Joyetech MG QCS (Quick Change System) replacement coils are a game changer as the cotton inside the coil can be easily replaced. Simply unscrew the top portion of the coil to expose the cotton and replace as need. Longer lasting, exceptional flavor, there are simply no drawbacks!

Compatible with:

  • Joyetech Ultimo

Recommended Wattage:

  • 60-80 (0.25 Ohm)

You Will Receive:

  • 1x - 5 pack of Joyetech MG QCS Replacement Coils

Recommended Because
Joyetech MG QCS Replacement Coils allow you to easily replace the cotton which makes swapping flavors a breeze!