Sense Herakles Pro Tank Replacement Coil - 5 pack


Sense’s brand new Herakles Pro Tank also deserves some brand new coils. The Herakles Pro Coils are designed for excellence; these coils feature a triple parallel core configuration, which provides phenomenal flavor with lower airflow blockage! These coils can fire up to 100W and as low as 35W, which provides a wider variety of balance configurations. More flavor, more clouds, or a delicate balance, with these coils the choice is yours!

Compatible with:

  • Herakles Plus
  • Herakles Pro

Recommended Wattage:

  • 35-100 (0.60 Ohm)

You Will Receive:

  • 1x - 5 Pack Sense Herakles Pro Tank Replacement Coils

Recommended Because
Sense’s brand new Herakles Pro needed brand new pro coils to complete the excellence; these coils feature 100% organic cotton for purer taste, and multi-parallel core configuration provides pure flavor and BEASTLY clouds!